~the Misunderstood are the most understanding~

~disabled in some eyes, but beatiful in others~

26 April
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ok well there isnt much to say about me. I am in a relationship with two of the most wonderful people. well I'm basically with one of them. hard to explain. but he is Justin Curtis Rozier. He is 16 his birthday is december,31 1988. he is the hottest person you will ever meet. except for my gf. but we met on thanksgiving at disney, I called him. we talked. we knew almost everything about eachother. and he asked me out on the third of december. we have been together since then and will continue too. He is my soulmate no matter who comes in to my life and what people will say. I love you Justin

the other person is Shelby Finger. She is the most amazing girl I have ever met in my entire life. She is gorgeous, sweet, funny, loving, perfect. we have been dating since the 17th of this month. which is may. we have dated 3 times before now. and hopefully this shall be a long and pure relationship. we've gone through some things but for us too come out of them still loving eachother. thats awesome. well just wanted to say that about them. I love you kittie, and I love you justin.

nvm about shelby. :(

as for me. I'm a bit weird looking. I have reddish brown eyes, very pale skin, about 5'5, kinda chubby-125, dakr brown hair with blonde all over, my ears are gaged-right ear=8 gage, with a second hole that is a 14, left ear=0 gage soon too be a gage larger, I dress from all black, too bright pink with green and black stockings with pink and black converse, too a indian shirt with a flannel shirt with a pair of ripped and written on jeans. I have a variety. i will go too a complete "goth"[which is most of the time] too a sexy punk, to a laid back hippie. I am very moody. one moment I will be your smooth shining kind moon too a flaming demon. I have Skizophrenia which most people think is horrible. well those who know. well fuck off. they're people who have it terribly and those who are dangerous but calm and such. I am dangerous and mostly calm. I have a few friends and I like too keep it that way although many people know me and I have no friggin clue who the fuck they are. I can be a very depressing person too be around cause I have some pretty fucked up thoughts but the people I hang with arent disturbed by them. they talk with me about them just like I want. I am ALWAYS thinking of someone or something. and if not, I'm either reading, drawing, or staring into space. I'm a pretty weird person. but I dont mind. its not my fault really. I'm not exactly a people person. grew up around 3 people in my life. those three people are gone. and I grew up around books. thats basically it. I was the little girl who was made fun of, hurt, pushed in the back, no one payed any attention too me. sorta how it is now. but I dont care anymore. those who love mad cherish me as I cherish them. if you get too know me. you will see. that I'm different from what I appear too be.